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          HEINE Optotechnik mini 3000 Dermatoscopes

          Compacte zakdermatoscoop met XHL- of LED-verlichting

          Art.nr.: 157672
          Pakking: 1 stuk(s)

          Verlichting: XHL

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          mini 3000 Dermatoscopes van HEINE Optotechnik

          • Indwelling venous safety cannula with FEP or polyurethane catheter for placement that spares the vein and complication-free indwelling time
          • grip designed for single-handed puncturing technique
          • excellent puncturing qualities due to atraumatic cannula point with triple-faceted edge geometry
          • highly-transparent blood chamber
          • capillary: four completed embedded x-ray contrast strips
          • hydrophobic blood receptacle stopper
          • removable Luer cone
          • lock attachment
          • sizes identifiable by color
          • latex-free
          • PVC-free
          • accords with ISO-Standard 10.555-1/5
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